Sunday, October 5, 2008

OJ Simpson: Karma's A B_itch

Who can forget that memorable low-speed chase of OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco by LAPD officers in the summer of 1994?His ex-wife, Nicole and her close friend Ronald Goldman had just been found murdered in her apartment and OJ was the prime suspect. I easily recollect the lengthy televised trial that had millions around the world following the daily goings-on in the high profile case. The late, well-respected Johnny Cochran was the head of Mr. Simpson’s defense team at the time and was largely responsible for getting the celebrity off the hook. The main swaying piece of evidence that helped the jurors reach their ‘not guilty verdict’ was the dramatic moment when the defendant, OJ tried on the black gloves that was central to the prosecution’s case. And the outcome: the gloves didn’t fit.
So on verdict day that October of 1997, the 12 members of the jury found Mr. Simpson not guilty of both murders, basically because there was reasonable doubt.Many across America and in many parts of the globe felt the U.S justice system had helped save a murderer. Some were of the opinion that yet another rich celebrity had being let off the hook because he could afford the best lawyers who capitalized on legalese to aid their popular african-american client.However,I had told a friend after the verdict that OJ had to watch his every step afterwards as most law enforcement officials would want payback in some way, based on the general view that he carried out the horrific stabbings of both victims.
So when I heard the news, in September last year, of Simpson’s arrest in Vegas for alleged kidnapping and robbery in a Palace Station hotel room, I told people he was screwed. Even though he repeated claimed that he was only trying to retrieve sports memorabilia that belonged to him, I had a gut feeling that it was possibly karma in motion. I agree with a good friend who feels that he was to blame for making such a silly move that day, especially when constantly aware of the controversy his acquittal caused across his home country. I was further convinced of the severity of his legal problems when I read that none of the 12 jurors was black.Yes,the absence of a fellow ’brother’ or ‘sister’ meant, for me, that chances of a potentially hung jury were quite unlikely.So after a far less popular 4-week trial than the Nicole/Ron Goldman case 13 years earlier, the Las Vegas Jury (made of 9 ladies & 3 men) found the controversial ex-football star guilty of all 12 counts of kidnapping and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint on that fateful September day. For some, this was justice finally catching up with a criminal who was only fortunate the last time.On the other hand,it's expected Simpson's team would start making moves for an appeal of the verdict.
For me,at least 3 people know for certain what happened that June night at Nicole Simpson's Los Angeles condo in '94. Sadly, 2 of them are long deceased while the possible third witness could be ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars,come sentencing day on December 5th.


Bobby said...

Kams I think the US justice system in itself is a cess pool of injustice. How can a grouping that constitutes 13% of the total population make up over 80% of the prison system. So Kams pardon me as I beg to differ on your point that "people across America where upset that a rich celebrity was let off the hook". The only issue was that a rich celebrity that was the wrong colour got away with the murder of two white people - how could that have happened they must have thought?

Don't forget that just decades earlier, black people would have been lynched for even looking at a white woman. But Oj got away or so he thought. Today he was indicted by a jury of his peers (12 white men & women) in a court house in Vegas.

My dear friend, Oj should have watched his back... This trial had nothing to do with the twelve counts he was charged with. Rather it was a retrial of Simpson against the State that had been settled a decade earlier or so Oj thought. Surely he must have known that whitey would get him - sooner or later. Well hope he enjoys the state Penn in Reno.

Chakams said...

well noted,bobby..I agree that some americans were further appalled due to the defendant & the victims' skin colour..but to be fair,many african-americans strongly felt he did it d way,the head of the prosecution team(Christopher Darden)was black @ 'hope he enjoys Reno'

Bobby said...

Kams my point is that Oj Simpson was cleared of a crime he may or may not have committed but he was never really free. In the end the long arm of the law caught up with him. Note that during the said kidnap and robbery of sporting memorabilia (that belonged to him in the first place) he never held a weapon nor assaulted anyone. His so called accomplices did. This was a witch hunt.

James Ford Seale was cleared last month of the murder of 2 black youths decades ago (see . I don't see anyone saying anything about that, he got away on a technicality and there is no BRU HA about it in the media. We sort of accept these blatant injustice and get on with it. All am saying is that when you see a spade you call it a spade. The justice system is unfair and biased against people of colour in Yankers.

poeticallytinted said...

There's is an Ibo proverb that would translate to: 'The fish swims big and small waters only to end up in an old woman's cooking pot'
If Oj was guilty of Nicole's murder then this would be his 'old woman's cooking pot' lol.
At least his cool of in jail till Dec. 5th.

mike said...

OJ's story is a complex plot. Simply take it like this: grace- grass-grass. Its called a double fall